PowerTaps Poem

This is a special poem written by Mrs. Kim Auriemma which was presented to Marci & Ryan at our 2012 Holiday Party.  It perfectly describes what clogging with PowerTaps is really all about!

Pis for Prayers that we say before we start.
Ois for Our. Our team is so full of heart.
Wis for What. What team are we?
Eis for Effort. Hard work from you and me.
Ris for Rocking chair, Round-a-bout, and Ryan.
Tis for Try. We all keep on trying.
Ais for Awesome and Amazing too!
Pis for Pride in all that we do.
Sis for Support, Strength, and Smiles!
Cis for Clogging, and of course Cyndi Liles.
Lis for Love! That’s what we know.
Ois for Outstanding, we know it is so.
Gis for “Good job, good job!” What better to say?
Gis also for the Great instructors who always make our day.
Iis for Inclusive. Everyone is here.
Nis for Nationals we look forward to all year.
Gis for “We GOT This”! PowerTaps is who we are.  Each and every clogger is a super star!