Tracy Thomas Pickering
Young Adult Competition Dancer
Clogger for 25 years.
I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Marci and Ryan for giving me this GREAT opportunity. I never thought I would ever dance again, nor did I think I could even do it anymore…LOL! Ryan…you gave me that little push I needed to get going and I am so thankful to you! Marci….I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to help me jump back in. You are a wonderful person and I have very much enjoyed getting to know you and your girls! To my new clogging family…THANK YOU for being so helpful and supportive. I was so uncomfortable in the beginning with dancing again and with new people, but that didn’t last long!! I have learned that PowerTaps is such a wonderful group of people and it’s a comforting feeling to be part of a team again. I started clogging when I was 4 and it consumed me (in a great way) for almost 14 years. Saturday was filled with all of those past feelings and emotions rushing back in and it was awesome. So thank you to everyone for making me feel comfortable and at ease.
Tracy Thomas Pickering
Parent Testimonials
Winning isn’t everything, family is. THAT is the secret of your success with your dancers.
Jennifer Patton
Thanks to the entire PowerTaps family for welcoming my beautiful daughter Ashleigh into your special family!! You guys brighten her life tremendously!! Every time she speaks of you I can hear her smile!!
Greg Garrett
More testimonials
Thank you Power Taps family for all your support and kind words of encouragement! So glad to call y’all family!
Sandra Cantrell, Parent
Thank you for the wonderful preformance last night. Everyone had a great time and loved the dancing. I heard a couple of people talking about trying some classes. Main Street Woodstock really appreciates all of your support. You always come through for us. Thank you again for making the event a success!
Janet Ponichtera, Main Street Woodstock Membership Chairmen
…I never danced growing up and was pretty unsure to start with, but the teachers are so patient and amazing that you will learn in no time!  Before you know it you are dancing to a familiar song!  It is a great form of exercise and an awesome confidence booster!
Allison Brittin, Clogger
Other testimonials

“Taking a break from yelling for joy to express my profound gratitude for Ma and Pa PowerTaps – Marci and Ryan.  We have Tori and all our dear friends because these two wonderful and generous people love to clog.  Period.  They love sharing the fun and pleasure of clogging with anyone willing to stop and try it.  For them it’s always been about the smiles lighting up faces, not fancy costumes or big trophies or temporary bragging rights.  We drive 50 miles each way to be part of the Happiest Clogging Family on Earth.” – Jennifer Patton

“I just want to say a big THANK YOU to PowerTaps for giving our girl such a fun and awesome opportunity and for taking such good care of her while we couldn’t be there!!! You guys all rock!!” – Margaret Ray

“OK, so that was too much fun watching y’all…really thinking I want to clog with y’all…And I love that y’all said a prayer before the show…so glad I found y’all for Arden!” – Erin Bankston

“My daughter Marlo is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this clogging company. As a former clogger myself, I am very impressed with the professional atmosphere! I have even joined the adult class! I highly recommend PowerTaps! – Mary Catherine Heim

“Carina’s bedtime prayer tonight, “Thank you, Jesus for letting me have TOO much fun with my friends at clogging tonight!” She speaks for many, I suppose. :-)” – Melanie Edmondson

“So honored to have you guys as a family!” – Rebecca Lee Shultz

“Just wanted to say I hope you all are doing well! And remind you of how great team you all are a part of! I miss each and everyone of you!! Wishing you all the best of luck in the upcoming events and competitions. So thankful to have been a part of this team for the years I was. Proud of the team you all have become, and they way you present yourselves, TRUE cloggers! Love y’all!” – Mary Margaret Massengale

“I would like to THANK PowerTaps for performing at WNRC last night (2/17/12). I hope you truly realize what absolute uncontaminated bliss and immense gladness you brought to the audience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” – Valerie Freeman